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You need experts to help you when it comes to home construction; there’s just no way around it. At Bill’s Roofing and Remodeling in Gray, ME, that’s exactly what we can offer.

Best Material—You want your home to be as sturdy and durable as possible, so you want a home building team who works with only the best materials.
Careful Work—You deserve to have a home building team that pays careful attention to everything they do.
Unbeatable Prices—Home building can be a very expensive process to undertake, so we try to make it affordable for all our clients. As a new home builder, we will work with you and your budget to provide you with everything you need at a price you can afford.

Additions—These are rooms or annexes that are built onto an existing structure to extend the square footage of a home or building. The most common addition to a residence is a sunroom, although new wings on the home can be added for extra bedrooms or a larger kitchen. Additions add resale value to a home.

Garages—The most common use of a garage is protection for vehicles. However, their use has been expanded to include workshop and extra storage. Garages can come in any dimension that you require, although there are standards that must be followed for it to be a safe stand alone structure or an addition to the home.

Chimneys—Chimneys are necessary for those homes that have fireplaces or woodstoves. Many times a new chimney will need to be installed and involves bringing in masonry to construct a fireproof structure that is up to code. There are a few options for chimney design, and they are mainly functional but also can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Walk Ways—Homes often require walk ways or sidewalks to get to the front door or other entrances to the home. These can be made out of gravel, stone, concrete, or brick. It is usually best to have a trained professional install the walk ways so they are done correctly and will be long-lasting.

Kitchens—It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and that is why special attention should be paid when building a home or even just remodeling. A remodeled and updated kitchen will enhance the resale value of an existing home. A state-of-the-art kitchen in a new home will lend a hand to increasing the market value.

Bathrooms—Aside from the kitchen, a luxury bathroom is the second biggest investment that should be put into a home. From high-end finishes to a deep soaker tub and separate shower, each piece will raise the market value of the home. It will also add relaxing comfort to those who live there.

Finished Basements—A finished basement will add extra living space and added value to the home. The finished basement can be an entirely different residence or income property, an in-law suite, or an entertainment space for the homeowners. There are so many options including high-end and low-end finishes when finishing a basement in a home.

Fencing—This are many types of fences that can set a home apart from its neighbors or help it blend in. There are numerous fencing options including wood, wrought iron and chain link. The fence is the first thing that people notice and an inexpensive fence can bring the curb appeal of the home down, thus decreasing the value of the home.

Decks—Decks are wonderful extensions of indoor living spaces. Whether it is a covered or uncovered deck, people are using their design skills to make a smooth transition from indoors to out. The dimensions of a deck can vary depending on the primary purpose and code regulations for the area. A nice, solid deck will add value to the home. More value can be added if high-end doors such as French doors are added to the home leading to the deck.

Home building doesn’t have to be a huge complication if you choose experts like us at Bill’s Roofing and Remodeling in Gray, ME. By hiring people who are willing to put the necessary effort to get your home built the way you want it, you can have a great experience when it comes to home building.

Our experience can also help us undertake any complications that may arise during the home building process. You can expect the best service at the best prices to make your home look exactly like you want it to. Visit us right now and let us get started on your home building project!